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A Service you can depend on and a quality you can trust

We are a Food Service Focused Company offering a “One Stop Shop Food Solution” for all your catering needs by air, sea and road.

We pride ourselves on understanding your food needs; We are here to help, not only to sell.


Located in Dubai, with Offices and temperature controlled Chilled, Frozen & Ambient warehouse storage 10 minutes from the International Airport.

Dubai’s advanced infrastructure, business freedom, multi-lingual human capital, and easy access to Western Europe and the Far East makes it the ideal location to operate our business from. Located within an eight-hour flight of approximately 5.8 billion people, Dubai is literally the crossroad of the world and your 1st step on a new culinary journey.


Our “can do” mentality, passion for food and combined knowledge and experience makes Chef 2 Chef the ideal choice for those in the catering and hospitality industry.


We offer fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy, Meat, handmade Halal Breakfast Sausages, Fish, Seafood, Specialty, Chocolate Bakery, Asian, European, Australian, Middle Eastern and Mexican products etc.

If we have missed anything, just ask – it’s probably available!


Our aim is to give Chef’s everything they want in one place, running the operation should be their focus, not worrying about their supply chain.

✓ Dependable Service
✓ Crisp Communication 24/7
✓ Intelligent Consolidation
✓ Last minute.com add ons
✓ Finest Fresh Quality
✓ Value for Money
✓ What you want, when you want it
✓ 6 days per week shipment dispatches

Meet The Team

Warehouse No.1, Ras Al Khor Industrial 3, PO Box 487338 Dubai, UAE


Tel: +971 4 333 8838, Fax: +971 4 333 8848

Message From The Chef

Welcome to Chef 2 Chef’s website designed to provide you with general information on our company,  share our passion for the culinary and help you explore the services and products we offer. Anyone and everyone can sell you something, but we pride ourselves on understanding your needs, recommending solutions to match your catering requirements and suggesting new and exciting alternatives to consider.


Too many people are so disconnected from real fresh food supply due to the endless tricks of food manufacturers, processors and importers, that the new generations don’t know an eggplant from a sweet potato. We have to show them how to get grounded in the truest sense of the word. We do take seriously our responsibility, to educate people about healthy, fresh, affordable food and give the Chef a quality product for a fair and reasonable price. Chef has to provide a tantalising culinary experience for his guest, but like all businesses, must work to a realistic budget.


Chef 2 Chef want to be your valued Back of House department – removing the hassle, time and stress from your catering supply chain operation.


                         “….. And we definitely do not want to send you anything I would not be happy to cook with myself!”


Our success has been achieved through the trust of our clients, the dedication of our culinary ambassador’s and procurement specialists that continuously deliver fabulous food and exemplary logistical services.


Our valued clients demonstrate that the proof is in the pudding and are testament to the many years of trust and relationships we have been lucky enough to build for invaluable long term partnerships.


 Dedication, flexibility, enthusiasm and client focus are our core principles which make us stand out from the crowd.


I welcome you to Chef 2 Chef LLC

Our Services

Food Stuff Supply

A “one stop shop” food supply solution for Chefs

Weekly Perishable Air Freight Shipments

Consolidated Chilled, Frozen and Dry Export shipments out of UAE to any destination


New Product Introduction, Product Brand Management and Distribution into Market

Sea Freight Consolidation

Chilled/Frozen FCL shipments, Groupage options and Dry LCL/FCL consolidation

Ship Chandling Supplies

Everything you need, available from one place

Private Yacht Catering Supplies

Everything available from staff foods to luxury fine dining products

Product Range

Please email info@chef2chef.me to request full Master Product Guide

Contact Us

How to find us?


Warehouse No.1

Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3

Dubai, PO Box 410671

United Arab Emirates

Contact Details

Tel: +971 4 333 8838

Fax: +971 4 333 8848

Email: info@chef2chef.me


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